Congratulations on your acceptance to Texas A&M University, or welcome back for another year. College is a time for learning about yourself, expanding your horizons, and for preparing to enter the real world. At one of the largest schools in the country this experience can be an overwhelming one. As one of the premiere fraternities in the nation and at A&M, SigEp can help you adjust to college life and set you on the path to both academic and personal excellence. Every fraternity has something positive to offer, but at SigEp we are constantly in search of men who meet our high standards and who can contribute to the growth of our chapter and become future leaders on campus as well as in the professional world.

The fall rush process will begin right at the start of the fall semester. The formal rush process is ran through the “GreekRush” mobile app. It is essential that those students interested in rushing register. A full schedule of formal rush events for all chapters can be found on the app. GreekRush can be downloaded on iTunes or the Android app store.

To sign up for 2016-2017 recruitment click the GreekRush link to register.


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